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Gyrotonic® and Integrative Manual Therapy

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    Integrative manual therapy

    Through flowing three-dimensional movements, entire muscle functional chains are addressed, training the interaction between the various muscles and activating and improving the muscles close to the torso that are difficult to train. In addition, the body meridians are targeted to release blocked energies and relieve stress and tension. The flowing movements massage the organs and activate physiological processes in the organism. Depending on the intensity and speed, the cardiovascular system and metabolism are stimulated.
    GYROTONIC® is suitable for both prevention and rehabilitation, e.g. for spinal problems, shoulder and knee problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sports injuries, weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, posture problems or after surgery; for seniors as well as for children, for professional athletes as well as for amateur athletes, among others for golfers, and can be started at any age and almost any physical condition.

    Integrative manual therapy
    Rooted in osteopathy, Integrative Manual Therapy looks at and treats physical problems and pain holistically. The initial lesions are traced and treated at all levels, thus helping patients in the long term.

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